Cityforum are public policy analysts and have been acknowledged leaders in providing a valuable contribution to public policy debate since 1990.

Founded by Marc Lee, following a 20 year period at the Financial Times, Cityforum's expertise covers a wide range of policy areas including defence & security, policing & crime, transport, health, financial & city issues and energy.


Cityforum events are driven by the growing importance of developing effective public policy quickly and with the contribution of the right mix of experts and industry stakeholders.

We work closely with policy makers and senior public sector officials to understand their needs and goals and identify and engage senior private sector representatives, academics and overseas experts who can best contribute to policy discussions.

Cityforum events range in size from small, private conclaves examining specific aspects of wider issues, to public round table discussions and larger scale conferences. Held under the Chatham House Rule, the events provide a safe, secure, and neutral environment in which policy makers, the private sector and academia can freely discuss, debate, propose and test solutions to some of the most 'wicked' contemporary public policy problems. Our events are structured to allow maximum opportunity for well moderated, informed discussion as part of a carefully constructed agenda, focussed on delivering practical outcomes.

Individuals and private sector organisations have the opportunity to participate in our events as delegates, sponsors, members or strategic partners.

A bullet point summary is published after the event and distributed to all in attendance. In addition, strategic partners, members and event sponsors benefit from a full report that is written for policy formers and those who have contributed as speakers and panellists at the event.

Independent research, analysis & reports

In addition to providing background and content for the Cityforum programme of events, our staff analysts and network of specialist advisers undertake bespoke research and analysis work and report writing on a regular basis. These are frequently commissioned, undertaken and completed at short notice.

Policing a perplexed society

Thursday 9 February 2017Central London

Cityforum seems to have captured "the model" for bringing together best of class thought leadership events ...especially for these more sensitive subject areas.  Director, a multinational

The discussions I participated in were very fruitful, in most part due to the high calibre invitees.  A very impressive convening power indeed.  Deputy Director, a UK charity

It was indeed a good evening/day.  The quality of contributor and contribution, the subsequent debate (emotional at times) and discussion was excellent.  It was a privilege to be involved - and I'm glad that we hit the spot regarding our contribution to proceedings.  Divisional Director, a major UK plc

Thursday 24th November 2016

Early Bird rate now available: Policing a perplexed society

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Digital Policing Summit - Testimonials
Digital Policing Summit: Testimonials

Thursday 6th October 2016

Date confirmed: Cityforum Annual Policing Summit Thursday 9 February 2017